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  • September 22, 2013 10:58
    hg-dude, the poster:
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  • September 21, 2013 00:44
    Doug Rousso
    Changed reply in topic of file import is very slow by Doug Rousso to Takes a very long time to import video. In version 12, no issues and video imports very quickly. It isn't analyzing anything else in the folders and the interface is almost exactly the same between these versions. Nothing has really changed but the new version sure doesn't work. I've gone back to version 12. This new one is not functional. .
  • September 19, 2013 15:12
    Reason: abuse
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  • August 19, 2013 09:40
    Changed title of How to change language in Nero ? by GeraldG to Nero 12 Platinum: How to change language in Nero ?.
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