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"Disc at once" failure

I'm using Nero.12 and am frequently gettting dvd burn failures and the message "cannot complete 'disc at once' "

I don't know where the peoblem lies. Can anyone help ? Thanks
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  • Hi Robert,
    One thing to try is to select a slower burn speed from the options.

    That can sometimes help avoid burning buffer issues.

    I select a burn speed of 8X or less. Also, different brands of blanks could be better than others.

    I find TDK or Kodak to be pretty good.

    Perhaps even try using a DVD drive cleaning disc in case your burner lens is a bit dusty?
    • You might like to find the file "NeroHistory.log"
      on your computer and open it in notepad, copy the content and post it up here in a reply ...

      It might give a clue as to possible issues.

      That NeroHistory.log file can be found most probably in:

      C:\Users\"yourusername"\AppData\Roaming\Nero\Nero 12\Nero Burning ROM

      (substitute your Windows user name for "yourusername" in the path above.)

      That folder structure could be hidden in Windows...

      So you might need to use the Windows Explorer view options to show hidden files and folders from


      and below.
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