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10 years NeroVision, an "endless story"?

It began with an upgrade from Nero 5 to 6 with a NeroVision Express 3, which was at that time still deep in the infancy. Anyway, I opted for the Nero suite as my future environment for media editing and management. It was a decision which I regret several times over the years, because it meant an endless fight with the defects of this SW, characterized by hundreds of hours required for updates and upgrades, testing for problem analysis and for corrective actions.

Nero 6 is still running (as in the background of the figure on the screen is visible) on my first Windows 2000 workstation, Nero 8 and 10 is installed on a laptop running under Vista and my current working environment is Nero 12 on a laptop running under Windows 7. So the Nero era should be probably completed, because this environment meets all my requirements and is stable. With the always still existing shortcomings I've arranged me, i.e., developed workarounds for circumventing. Since these defects also in Nero 2014 were not removed and Nero is apparently not willing to fix them, there will be no upgrade to these or subsequent versions.

Anyway, I have followed the development of the SW from the beginnings until today, and documented. An interesting story where also the background of the development history be treated, which was not not always, especially not in recent years based on the users interests and requirements. If there is interest (and only then), I will publish this story here.
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