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2 command line questions and 1 bug report.


1- Question
I have a Nero Burning ROM for many years now.I always had problem with new version, where is the customer only area that we login and check our version vs yours!
Also a strange behavior that is not common between developers is that they make 2 separate version numbers 1 for software itself and 1 for for its setup installer! 2 Different Numbers!
BTW few months ago I bough Nero Burning ROM 2018 and installed, and today I installed online trial version from website but it was older!!!
Now, what's the latest version of nero burning rom 2018 and where to get it it?

2- Tech Question, when starting NeroSetup.exe from Command Line, which commands are supported to Change the Join Nero Product Impro,, program and make "No, thanks" the default one? Pleaseee?
In my setup config there are 3 items: Burning ROM Update Cover Designer.
Also is there a command line to unmark and disable Nero Update?
Also another command line to unmark disable "Enable automatic update notification"?
And unfortunately Nero install a component without any prompt and getting permission from user to install Nero Info, a useless tool that I hate it to n there!
I hope at least there is a way to stop this Nero info feature from being installed without user permission!

3- Bug Report
Start Nero Burning ROM 2018 > File Menu > Options > Database > unmark and disable both Check Boxes.
Save by OK. Close Nero. Re Open Nero. Goto the same menu, you see that the 1st item is NOT SAVED and developer in charge forgot to store the value of check box correctly!

Finally please don't mention using of Nero Update, I am not fan of auto updaters.
Peace :)
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