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2015 troubles

Hi, I have recently upgraded to 2015 from 14 having not used the editing softeware yet. I have now been learning how to edit having read the manual and watched online tutorials. I am wondering if there is a problem with my software. When I add and edit video clips to the time line and save them, sometimes Nero cant them find the project when |I go back to it. Sometimes, when it does open, there is a completely different set of clips on the timeline and not the ones I put in. Once I deleated a sound track and everything was deleted apart from the Intro and Credits. I sometimes add text and when I am done the text jumps to another place in the frame. I can't believe I'm doing so much wrong, 2015 was downloaded over the internet and upgrades applied. what is going wrong? The whole programme has also frozen a couple of times.
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