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I just posted a comment, suggesting that the threads that are currently running with the greatest number of responses, possibly closed off and we consider the above title.

We as customers are always wanting better products and better treatment from those that provide the products. I am proposing that we are much more empowered than we realize. If we pursue our own needs and desires at the exclusion of helping the Corporation benefit from our efforts, in the end we will all be running to another company and in time will see the cycle repeated.

If we pursue a "WIN-WIN", I believe that we will find more than we ever asking for.

I propose that we offer our "customer experience and expertise" to help Nero recreate the MVP program with the inclusion of the many missing ingredients , which without, will ensure that a "good idea" will fail.

Please see my last post on the other two threads and give this title some thought. I don't have all the answers but "we" have all that Nero was missing the first time around.

I know this can work as I have seen it happen on a very large scale. Please consider making this the longest ongoing thread in Nero forum history; one that changes a company which in-turn provides us as customers with a wonderful product that is wrapped with kind and caring hands.
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