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A Bad Disc Can Cause Nero Burning Rom To Hang

I've been having ongoing problems with Nero Burning Rom 2016 not responding, or in other words, hanging. It happened today so I played a hunch. I use rewriteable DVD discs for backups where the data will change on an ongoing basis. Nero froze when I tried using one of the discs which has been rewritten a few times. I stopped Nero by using aTask Manager and then restarted it again. This time I used a new, blanc DVD-RW disc. Nero responded quickly as it usually does and is burning away with no problems.

I think Nero has a tendency to freeze when it's trying to read or scan a damaged disc. This has happened a few times to me but today was the first time I proved my theory with a formal test since the burn just completed quickly and with no problems.
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