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Actually, sharing a tryout of new capabilities in Nero 2018 Video

In order to learn a little about the new vertical video editing and black bar removal capabilities of Nero 2018 Video, I made 12 vertical videos using the Nero Flower Meadow sample video, one for each new theme. Then, I incorporated those vertical videos (9:16) into a horizontal video (16:9) using the black bar removal with differing parameters. (All results are on YouTube, where they are shown in a 16:9 frame).

Black Bar Removal

The black bars are replaced by one of four selectable background colors. That background is overlaid with a blurred version of the current vertical video frame with adjustable blurring direction and strength accompanied by an opacity setting. Setting the opacity percent to zero allows the selected background color to replace the black bars; setting it to 100 overrides the selected background color completely. Here is a YouTube video showing the effect of changing the parameters:

Black Bar Removal Parameters:

I created the 16:9 composite and uploaded it to YouTube:

I also created a 4:3 version and uploaded it to YouTube:

For competeness, here are links to each of the 12 themed 'vertical' videos:

Comments / Ideas

Backgrounds can be used on the timeline but not as "Drop Ins". That seems a little inconsistent to me.

It would be nice if themes had names (all themes!). .

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