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Adding a graphic overlay in Nero Vision 5: impossible?

Is there a way to add a graphic overlay to video (in my particular case: something similar to a television network bug, typically seen in the corner of the screen) using Nero Vision 5? Is there an add-on that is available to do this? Do you offer a product with this capability that will allow me to do it? Can said product edit a project that was originally created in Nero Vision 5? For some reason I was under the false impression that this was possible, and I have a mostly-completed project that needs this finishing touch to be truly complete. Remaking the project wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, but I'm hoping to avoid it. Thanks!
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    That capability isn't available until Nero v10. In v10 and later, you can add multiple additional video tracks. If the video that you want to overlay is on Video Track 1, you would add the graphics you want to overlay the video with to Video Track 2 or above.

    If you want to do that, I suggest buying v2017 when it arrives. Normally, new versions are issued in September but we haven't heard anything yet.
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