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Administrator priviledge required for installtion - cannot install

I am trying to install Nero 2016 Platinum edition (upgrade from previous version). I am using Windows 10. Every time I get an error message saying it cannot write to the folder because the installer does not have privileges. It tells me to log in as administrator and try again. My PC has a single account set up and is as administrator. I also tried to run as administrator from the command prompt but didn't work either.
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  • Hi René,
    It could be that a hidden folder does not allow the installer to insert the temporary files...

    If you go to C:\users\YOUR USER NAME

    and use the "View" Tab in Windows File Explorer to show hidden files from C:\users\YOUR USER NAME
    and below.

    It might indicate if write permission is possible for the installer.

    The other area could be C:\ProgramData

    If you right-click on that folder (or if it is "hidden" - change that also to show up and check the properties/Security of that folder.

    Make sure "Administrators" have full access to that structure.

    Also, after doing the above ... if you right-click on the installer exe file and select "Run as Administrator" ... does that make a difference?
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