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Advice: Forcibly Close Nero Burning ROM to Avoid Reported Exit Bugs

As reported previously, exiting Nero 2015, 2016, or 2017 Burning ROM crashes or otherwise adversely affects unrelated processes. This doesn't seem to happen if Task Manager's "End Task" command is used to forcibly exit Burning ROM.

P.S. It's probably a good idea to save your compilation first.

Examples of Burning ROM's bad behavior:

Nero 2017 Platinum crashes Microsoft Excel every time.Any solutions to this system conflict?

Nero 2016 close all java-Aplications on Exit!

Nero BurningROM Messages Microsoft Access Upon Exit

And, perhaps, from August of 2015:

Closing Nero Burning ROM, causes Adobe Creative Cloud to crash.Nero Platinum 2015.Windows 10.

Or, perhaps, from October of 2014:

Adobe Creative Cloud stops working after running nero 2015.

I can't test the last two, but ...

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