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I’m frustrated

Apps running wild in my PC

I purchased Nero Platinum 2016 last night. Then I decided I wanted to buy Nero TuneItUp. I then saw that Nero Media Home was not included in the "Platinum" version I just bought, so I bought it also. All charges showed up on my bank statement. However, I was only supplied a serial number for the Platinum 2016. Nothing shows up at all for the TuneItUp, and the Media Home is listed, with a ? where the serial # should be, but says it never expires. I just found the invoice where I bought Tuneitup Pro, but when I try to open it, I am asked for the serial number. Which I never received. Can anyone tell me if I have something all wrong?
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  • Hi Barb-

    I hate to tell you but Nero MediaHome is part of v2016. As you found, there is a bare minimum standalone you can buy. There's also an upgrade to it which you can buy. However, the full version is part of v2016. Nero MediaHome always shows with a ? mark when installed with the v2016 (or older). It should say "never expires" next to it.

    You should go to, support (bottom of page), contact, technical support and request a refund via the contact form.

    TuneItUP is a separate app from the Nero suites. If you didn't receive an e-mail with the serial number/activation code, you can either go back to CleverBridge or address it to Customer Service or Technical Support.
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