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Ativação da patente

I had the 2014 version and got to install aq version 2015 recently and now on Black Friday I received the proposal to activate the version of Nero 2017 Platinum, which I got to download, but the message came up that could only be used in windows 10 and my PC Has Windows 8.1.
I paid with card and today I can not install anything and if you want the version I paid for her ....
Can someone help me...
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  • Hello Ivani-

    I don't know where you're seeing that. v2107 is Win 7 through Win 10 compatible. I do have a hunch what you're talking about.

    Right click on the installation file and select Properties. In the Compatibility tab, the compatibility mode might be set to Vista or XP. If that's the case, either uncheck the box (if it's checked) or set the compatibility to Win 8 (unless there's a Win 10 option). Apply the changes and then try the installation.
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