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I’m confused

Audio Burning A DVD

I have just purchased Nero 2018 burning rom which doesn't seem to include Express, I had previously being able to copy an Audio DVD which I could then insert into my Bose Lifestyle 48 System and that would copy this disc to its own hard drive. Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to figure out how to burn an Audio DVD with this particular copy. Could you please help in resolving this issue. Many Thanks
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  • Hi James,

    Nero Express only comes as part of Platinum or Standard Nero suites, not with Burning Rom by itself.

    Were you previously making a "Jukebox" DVD?

    If so, I think that in Burning ROM, you would just select a "data" DVD - DVD ROM (ISO) and create your DVD by burning audio files to that?

    Like in this screen shot:

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    • Hi Phil
      Thank youy fro replying, I have tried burning as an iso rom but unfortunately my Bose system will not recognise this format. When I had used an older version of Express it worked fine. I'm just hoping I can upgrade the version I have rather than purchasing the full suite.
    • Try burning a DVD-ROM.

      Note that the Nero Burn Express series is simply Nero Express. You can buy it at any of the big box stores (I think it's up to Nero Burn Express 4).
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