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MPEG2 showing as black

Just purchased nero 2017 and my MPEG2 im trying to upload show up as black screen but i hear audio. any help? never used this progam and im trying to make movie for my wedding. there is a picture on the tab when i click on it but then only sound comes out
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  • Tony,

    An example of your files would be helpful if you could upload a short one to one of the cloud services and provide a link in a post. For now, please download and try this Sample MPEG-2 Video [~14 MB] version of the Nero Flower Meadow sample video.

    Another possibility would be to post the data for your source video from the free MediaInfo program here. For that, choose the "Text" display, select all and copy to the clipboard, then paste into a post between <PRE> and </PRE>tags:

    ... content from the MediaInfo program
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