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Best Way to Burn Music CD's to computer and cloud

OK so assuming you have 100 Music CD's. You want to burn them to some format for long term storage so you can throw out the CD's. Possible uses are to upload the digital files to the cloud, later make an actual CD again of the digital file, load into iTunes, etc... What is best way to do this? Thank you!
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  • Hi Bryan,
    There are different applications that can be used to rip music.

    Nero Media Home; Nero Burning ROM and Nero Express can all do it.

    In Nero MediaHome, you insert your music disc

    Under Options - CD Ripping - choose where the files will be saved to and then choose the "More" button at the bottom of the screen and "Import Disc".

    In Nero Burning ROM, you choose the "Extras" tab at the top
    Then select "Save Audio Tracks" - with the CD in the drive.

    Click on the Output Tab, select where you want the music files to be saved to, and the format of the files. For example: mp3; wav; flac

    In Nero Express, Click on the "triangle button" center left of the screen, Select Save Audio Tracks under the Advanced Menu.

    The proviso? Copy protected CDs will not work.
    • Phil, thank you so much!

      If you can, please help me with the following. I am trying to burn the CD's in the absolute best format for storing digital forever, what format would that be.. do you do an image of the CD or simply rip to your hard drive?

      Then where do you store them? Online, on a hard drive? I want to get rid of the CD's permenantly. Thanks!
    • I would go with ripping as .flac for best quality, or .mp3 to save space if quality is not a major concern, and put them on a USB hard drive for portability?
      It's a question of personal preference.
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