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Blu Ray burning 2015 sound issues....

I have completed a film, which I have spent 6-7 months with sound engineers working on. We have had ADR and world building etc. Finally we sent it to a mastering studio. All seemed ok when we listened to the finished product.
the sound was exported from the studio on a 24bit wav. This was then stiched together on Adobe Prem. We have the completed film on HD 1920x1080p mp4

When I play the film on my PC on the file it sound great.
When I play it on the file on a usbstick on my TV it sounds great

However when I burn it to Bluray using my nero. It sounds ok except where I have louder sounds in a scary bit, as it is a horror film, there is a small drop 2-5% in volume. its not much, but significant enough to notice. especially as I need the loudness due to the nature of the film. I know the sound hadn't distorted as all of this was monitored in the studio.

I suspect that the burning process is applying some AGC automatic gain control or compression to the sound during encoding. can someone advise how I can fix this please.
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