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Blu-ray playing and MP4 conversion in Nero 9.

I have two questions regarding Nero 9. I would like to play Blu-ray discs via Showtime and don't see an option for this. I would also like to convert either my completed NeroVision Blu-ray authored project to an MP4 or convert an existing Blu-ray to an MP4.
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  • Right off the bat, I need to mention that you can't copy or burn a copy protected file in Nero or it's competitors. Most commercial blu-rays are copy protected.

    Do you have the full v9 or do you have an Essentials version?

    Open ShowTime. Display the Playlist and select Local Media. Browse to the drive containing the blu-ray disc. Double click on it. Select BD-MV and then select Stream. One or more files will appear. Select the first one and it should play through. Then you need to select the next one and so on.
    • I neglected to address your second question. If you create a blu-ray project in Nero Vision, you can select Export, Export to File and select the mpeg-4 format. If you want to convert an existing non-copy protected blu-ray to mpeg-4, you can do that in Recode by selecting Recode DVDs and Videos to Nero Digital. The default Nero digital format is mpeg-4. You can also select Recode Main Movie to Nero Digital if the video is on disc and do the same thing.
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