Blu- Ray Dual Layer DVD Burned With Visions 14 won't Play

I authored and burned a Blu-Ray dual layer (i.e. 50 Gb) DVD using Visions in Nero 14 Platinum. The burn went fine and said there were no problems. However, when I try to play the DVD in my Sony Blu-ray DVD player that is connected to my TV the DVD doesn't work properly. The DVD loads fine and shows the Title Menu with my moving background and background music. But, when I click a chapter title, the scene starts to play for about 2 seconds and then the video portion stops like it's a still shot, even though the audio portion keeps playing just fine. This happens in every chapter. I burned the DVD using all of the automatic settings that Visions defaults to when burning in Blu-Ray dual layer. The Single Layer (25 GB)Blu-ray DVD's I've burned using Nero Visions work fine. Anyone have any ideas about what could be wrong?
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