Blu-ray player errors out (display/HDCP compatibility)

Nero Blu-ray Player (NBP) errors out when I try to watch a Blu-ray movie using it. Discs load, warnings display, but it then gives the following error message:

*** The connection to your display does not meet the system requirements for Blu-ray. Please check your system for HDCP compatibility. (Error-Code (1:0x13, 2:0x80400034)) ***

This issue is specific to Nero's app. Initially I used a free utility called DVDFab Passkey to solve the issue: once activated, NBP played the movies w/o issues. The utility apparently is no longer free. I downloaded a trial version of the same company's Blu-ray player, DVDFab Media Player, and that worked immediately after installation w/o any tinkering. There's another player, Corel's WinDVD Pro 11, which probably works as well. I'm not installing it until DVDFab's trial version expires in a month.

My video card, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670, only has HDMI connections. The card included a basic HDMI > VGA adapter for the DVI-I connection and it works w/o issues except in the case of NBP.

I searched extensively on the topic for over a week and found nothing helpful or any indication Nero was working to address the problem. I have emailed tech support regarding this and have received no reply to date.

Win 7 Pro 64-bit; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670; ATAPI iHBS222 2 ATA Device (Blu-ray drive).
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