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BluRay Write Experience Audio Freeze Then Video Freeze in Video 2016

I have been battling this for weeks and hopefully you have some idea. Using Nero Video 2016. V17.0.1700 . Windows 10. Latest.

I have a project made of various clips, nothing different then I've done dozens of times before. Simple menu, render the bluray to my hard drive, then I burn the folders to a disc, same as always.

As I play the bluray. It seems to play fine, but if I try to start skipping chapters, several chapters in, as I go to a chapter, the audio hangs, and the video plays. Eventually the audio will start. At later chapters, the video hangs and the audio plays.

I tried deleting various clips and reburning, and the same thing happens.

Instead of burning and wasting more discs, I've started checking the write out with VSO Media Player. As I skip to a further chapter, the video plays at high speed for a part of a second (to more than a second depending how further on the chapter is) and then returns to normal with the audio. I've used VSO to check earlier projects write outs, and skipping from chapter to chapter works just fine. No issues at all.

I've tried working backwards in the project, deleting series of clips at a time, but the problem seems to still exist.

Any ideas here? It's killing me.
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