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Bug Fixes in Nero 2018?

When I come across a bug or replicate/simplify another user's bug in Nero software, I usually create a topic about it. I try to supply a simplified, easily replicable case. This generally takes me quite a lot of time. More frequently than not, no Nero employees or forum regulars respond or even bother to watch any illustrative YouTube videos concerning the issue.

Occasionally though, there is a response, such as in topic Circle (and other) Transitions Fail at Video Cuts, a simplification of topic Transitions do not work after scene detect. Here, Since5.5 (Employee) asked if I wasn't reporting a duplicate to topic Transitions.

Duplicate? Not exactly. But, the point is that there was apparent acknowledgement of at least two, and maybe three bugs in Nero Video by a Nero employee and none have been addressed to date, including in Nero 2018 Video.

Today, I posted what appears to be a bug in the Nero 2018 Video vertical edit scaling (Nero 2018 Video Scaling Woes), and reported that the bug described in topic Nero Video 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 Create Unplayable Blu-rays still exists in Nero 2018 Video.

In conclusion, have any bugs been fixed in Nero 2018? If so, is there a list?
And, is there any real point to posting bugs?

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  • Good on you.

    It's nice to see that I'm not the only one getting frustrated.

    Yes I had noticed a few bugs in some of the other programs... but as I use them less frequently and found it hard to describe and formulate solutions for them I've been mainly concentrating on the various types of burning issues... which is mainly where I run into problems (including with video).

    It can be quite hard to fix a problem if you don't know the solution... but much easier if someone clearly demonstrates the problem and points out the solution... or shows how a solution might be possible.

    It's also less likely a problem will be fixed unless Nero is keeping a log of problems?
    A log of problems will make it easy for Nero programmers to identify the worst bugs or most desirable enhancements and fix them one by one? Plus it will spur them on to action? Looking at a long list of bugs is generally embarassing?

    This is why a list of fixes would be so valuable?

    Nero... if you've gone to the trouble of fixing an existing problem... please tell us about it? I often buy a new version only to find that an existing problem has disappeared... but never found a change log which tells me that it's been fixed. Or sometimes any improvement is a bit cryptic... and you're not sure a bug has been fixed or not?

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