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Bug Fixes in Nero 2020?

I asked this question last year for Nero 2019 ( and was referred to I don't see anything there about the 2020 version

A current issue ( reminded me of a bug that's been around for a number of years (e.g. So, I'll demonstrate the DVD 99 chapter limit here again if anyone would like to try it in Nero Video 2020.

To replicate the problem, create a DVD project; select and drag the 10 Nero pictures 10 or more times to track 1; advance to the Content screen and Auto-detect chapters using 100% sensitivity and a minimum duration 1 second less than the individual slide duration. (My default slide duration was set to 5 seconds, so I used a minimum of 4 seconds for my 160 picture project).

Here is a YouTube video showing that there is no warning when the limit is exceeded and no error message when everything goes south:

After deleting the last 61 pictures from the timeline, it works properly:

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