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I’m Sad

Burned data DVD (UDF) has folders named “Temporary Burn Folder” instead of actual folder names in Windows explorer.

I am trying to consolidate a photo CD-R collection to M-disc DVD’s.

I dragged and dropped each CD-R to my desktop creating a folder for each. I then created a DVD (UDF) via Nero Burning ROM 2019 selecting the first 7 folders so the data fit onto one DVD. Upon burning and verifying, I found when I load the new DVD the top most folders all have the name of “Temporary Burn Folder” in Windows Explorer. If I use a CMD window and look at the disc I can see the real folder names!

Any ideas on how to fix / prevent this from happening?

PS. From what I can see, I DO NOT have a desktop.ini on the root level of the least show hidden is not showing a desktop.ini on the disc.

PSS I have this same issue if I try to generate a data DVD using these folders using the Windows native burning engine, that’s why I bought Nero, but it is having the same issue.

(Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) burning with an LG GP65NB60)
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