Burning CD's in Nero SoundTrax 12.0.8000

I am trying to use Nero 12 SoundTrax (Version 12.0.8000) to create a mix of music tracks using the unique crossfade feature that is contained in SoundTrax. Within the SoundTrax Help Menu, the instructions for burning a CD (see below) tell me to “select the disc burner into which you have placed the writable CD in the Device drop down menu”. This is where Audio CD recorder options are supposed to be listed.

HOWEVER, when I click on this drop down menu I am only given one option....to burn an image to the CD Image Recorder.

Does anyone know why this is happening and how to get Nero SoundTrax 12 to recognize my CD recorder?

When I use Nero Burning Rom 12 to burn an image the CD recorder IS in fact recognized so it isn’t a problem with the CD recorder. The option of using an image in Nero Burning Rom or Nero Express is not acceptable since what is created is one huge 75 to 80 minute track rather than 20 or more individual tracks.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled my Nero SoundTrax but that hasn’t helped. Thanks.

To burn an Audio CD, proceed as follows:
1. Click the Tools > Burn to CD entry in the menu bar. The Audio CD Recorder window is opened.
2. Insert a writable CD in the disc burner.
3. Select the disc burner into which you have placed the writable CD in the Device drop-down menu.

NOTE - You can also save the project as a disc image if you do not want to burn it to a CD immediately. In this case, select the Image Recorder entry instead of a disc burner in the Device drop-down menu. You can then burn this disc image later with Nero Burning ROM or Nero Express
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