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Burning errors, is the new version worth buying ?

Is the new version seriously worth Buying !!
Over the years I have bought Nero, and would like to say how disappointing with some of its applications.

Burning my own data, and any making copies is bad, it gets to 21% and then either will say Illegal Disc, and copy error. I have done everything you said, slowed the speed down to the lowest, insured the firmware was up to date, and I always manage to throw away one quarter of a spindle pack of 50 black dvd or cd's from this error.

I hate using Roxio, however i have to say the ROXIO's drag and drop and copy discs, works every time, no coughs or hicks ups like you would happen in Nero, there is no problems with ROXIO with automatic speed burn and no disc copy errors, so I don't believe it is my media, or computer in anyway.

After researching this online I am not alone.

Fix it like ROXIO burns data and you might get more people to consider buying Nero.
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