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BurningROM2016 - AdvrCntr6.dll missing

I own a 2016 license Nero Burning ROM, I formatted my computer and installed Windows 10x64 (there are two days) from a USB key created by the Microsoft tool (there are three days). system clean!

I download the file here Nero_BurningROM2016-30.06.2016_stub_trial.exe: During installation I get the message: "This program requires the filesAdvrCntr6.dll, qui was not found is this system. ". The installation is not possible.

I followed various forums:
I got on the old hard drive file C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Common Files \ Nero \ AdvrCntr6 \ AdvrCntr6.dll (11.03.3 version) and copied to the same place on the current system.
Try again.
It still does not work.
Used the cleaning tool:
Try again.
It still does not work.
sfc.exe -> no problem
Antivirus : Windows Defender

What do you recommend ?
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