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Can I copy Nero 9 photo snap to run on the same computer as 2018 Platinum?

We have 2 PC's one has Nero 9 working fine and on the other 2018 Platinum. When it comes to pictures though the old photo snap is great to do editing and such far better than Win 10 installed stuff. * So since I own both would it be possible to copy and use just photo snap over along side the 2018? Not sure how much it works with the other Nero 9 stuff but would like to try it if it will work. How?
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  • Hello again- Happy New Year!

    V9 should be unaffected by the presence of v2018 and vice versa. I have it on this system with all versions up to v2015.

    You would need to install PhotoSnap and that would probably require that you install v9 on the other PC. Since you probably know, you can't use the same Nero serial number on two different computers. In that case, you would have to uninstall v9 from it's existing PC first (using the Nero General Clean tool). Trying to use the PhotoSnap .msi won't work without knowing what are all the files it needs for the installation and where they are.
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  • Thanks for the reply Wither but that is not what I wanted to do. I want to keep everything as it is. My wifes computer with 2018 on it and my computer with the old but freshly re-installed Nero 9. Photo snap is such a good editor that I wanted to just share that portion over to hers = nothing else. Sound like maybe you are saying it cannot be done by a novice like myself?
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    • Glad you like it Omega ... it is pretty good for a free program.
    • Lucky Phil,

      I installed PhotoScape X (a Windows 10 app) first but every time I googled anything, the answers were for the PhotoScape version, so I installed that as a learning tool.

      The PhotoScape X is free but has a "Pro" version which adds capability for $39.99 USD. GIMP can be used for much of what "Pro" provides, but it appears that the free version does everything Picasa does and more.

      Incidentally, you mentioned cloning - that appears to be in the PhotoScape free program but in the "Pro" version of PhotoScpe X. In any case, GIMP does it for free also.
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