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Can I create a CD with audio .wav files along with a .nvc file and/or folder

Hello.I want to be able to put mix media on one cd instead of two!

I made a 7 minute slideshow in Nero Video and it's save as a Nero Video Compilation (.nvc) file. I want to add this .nvc file and/or folder to a CD audio disk containing .wav files.

I want people to be able to listen to my music cd in their cars, cd players, etc. while also being able to access the .nvc file and/or folder to see the slideshow too.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
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  • You should be able to do this with a Extra-CD what is similar. It ́s an Audio CD and a other part of the CD is Data.
    But you can ́t use your Slideshow nvc. You have to create a movie file eg. mp4, mpg or other usual video file.
    So you can use your ready created Slideshow.
    Most of the modern Players are able to play this video files.
    Other possibility is to burn just the Pictures on the Disc.
    Most of the Modern DVD and Blue-Ray Player can show this pictures as a Slideshow. Depends what kind of Photos your are use.
    JPG should be able to play on almost Players.

    I hope this help you
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