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I’m frustrated

cannot play blu-ray discs in Nero 15 platinum

I get the error, "Cannot play this media!", with no other explanation. Laptop is a Dell Inspiron that will play Blu-Ray discs using another very annoying program that I refused to buy the full version of. I bought Nero Platinum 15 partially to replace it, and to burn cd and DVD discs Computer file.and DVD play is fine, no problems. I have done all updates and the Radeon video drivers are current. I have no idea where to even begin. Thanks for any help.
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  • nrd515,

    This is a recurring problem. My Blu-ray Player is the most up-to-date as provided via the ControlCenter update service. Click "More" and then "About" to see that your version agrees with:

    An email to may help get a resolution. Generally it takes about a week and they ask for the output of their GetSupportFiles utility. To save time, download from and follow the directions here.

    In the meantime, it may help to create a Blu-ray structure on your hard drive to verify that reading your disc writer is not a problem. To do that:

    1. Open Nero Video from the Nero Welcome screen. Select "Blu-ray Disc" on the "Create Disc" menu. This will take you to the Content screen.
    2. At the Content screen, click "Edit" to get to the Video Editing screen. Click OK to accept the default Movie Options.
    3. Drag the Flower Meadow sample video from the Video tab in the Media section to the timeline and click "Next". This will return you to the Content screen.
    4. Click "Next" to move to the Menu Edit screen.
    5. Choose "Do not create a menu" on the "Menus to use" drop-down box. Click "Next" to move to the Preview screen and then "Next" again to move to the Burn Options screen.
    6. Choose "Write to Hard Disk Folder" in the upper right of the Burn Options screen and choose a folder to store the Blu-ray structure.
    7. Click "Write". Wait for completion.

    7a. (Option) For thoroughness, Click "Burn again" and then "Disk Format". Choose AVCHD on storage medium "Hard Drive Folder". As before, click "Write to Hard Disk Folder", specify a folder for the output, and click "Write". Wait for completion.

    8. Open the Blu-ray Player; click "Open" and then "Folder". Navigate to the folder you named above and click "OK". Plays? Or, "Cannot play this media"?

    8a. If you've made an AVCHD folder, try opening that.

    Although mine works now, in the past updates to the Blu-ray Player have sometimes resulted in me getting the "Cannot play ..." message for Blu-rays, but not AVCHDs or the other way around!
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