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Can't copy 4.6GB Nero 2018 Platinum Created MP4 Video To empty 8GB Empty Flash Drive!

I made my first educational video using Nero Platinum 2018 and it was great! I attempted to make a second video and now have a tremendous amounts of issues!
All was wonderful until I tried to export it to an MP4 format in a file folder. Playback was pixelized with green and black lines and refused to play normally!!!

I then attempted to export to an AVC/Blu-ray file and all was great again! I then used Recode to an MP4 format again and all was wonderful upon completion! I wanting to use this video in a classroom atmosphere and that's when the poo hit the fan. The file was a 4.5GB file drag and drop to an empty 8GB flash drive! Report file is too big for the destination file system! I tried another empty stick with 32GB and always with the same response!

With the possibility of jumping the gun I heard Nero locks up when installed on more than one machine! It is only installed for use on my desktop and keep getting offers to purchase Nero 2018 Platinum, that I already have and paid for! Nero has not responded as of yet but I needed help yesterday! If this issue with Nero is true, I may not have been able to reinstall Nero because of a hard drive crash about a month or two ago!

Any help would be appreciated!
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