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I’m livid

Can't finalize Blu ray data disc

I made like 20 Verbatim BD-R DL data Blu-ray discs in NERO 12. I did not use Multisession, I used Disc/Session-at-once but unbeknownst to me the finalize check box was unchecked [ Finalize disc (No further writing possible!) ]. I still have the Samsung Blu-ray Writer the discs were made in, so I can read the discs fine. Is there a way to close or finalize these discs? They are UDF 1.02. They are still open I try to write a small file to the disc and then to finalize after that, I have tried and it just ejects the discs. So here I am having the drive they were made in and the NERO software and cannot solve the problem. If there is a way to finalize them with out having to copy the discs and making new discs? Man! One little oversight and you have a ton of platters if you don't have the drive they are made in! This is epidemic out there I have seen with all the people reporting to have unclosed discs? I still have everything, even the laptop I made them on and NERO is still on the laptop, there must be a way to close these discs. Hope you can help and much thanks for any help given. I can be reached at:
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