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You can change the language of the Nero environment in the CC as before. But now with the recent update of Nero 12 (and possibly also in Nero 2014) there are 2 issues, which are confusing (see also screenshot below).

Firstly, when you change the language you are prompted in the first call of an application for agreement to the terms & conditions. Why this again, this was already confirmed at the begin of installation.

Secondly, for Nero 12 you must select a Nero productline (Nero 12 Suite, Nero 11 Suite and Nero MediaHome).

Nero 11 Suite ? I don't have installed this and it was never installed on this system. I assume this is for changing the language of the applications in the Nero 11 program folder. But this is definitive a nonsense, why should somebody use different languages in his Nero environment ?

This is a deficiency and should therefore be removed in updates.

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  • Firstly: If you switch language, you need to confirm the conditions again. The reason for language switch is often a switch of the user as user usually don't change their mother tongue. The new user may not have seen the conditions.

    Secondly: You don't need to care about the product lines if you want to set every product to the same language. Just select every product line once while setting your language and clicking apply.

    Thank you for the hint to set all product lines at once, we will consider adding this as an option. As it is possible to set the language of for instance Nero 10 also, the possibility to change the language of Nero 12 without changing older environments was maintained when adding this function. Additionally it only is valid for the current user. Usually the default ("use system language") should suffice for the majority of the users, as it did in the past. This is an additional reason why the setting is not global: If the user wants to globally change language, he most probably will change the language of the OS itself - then Nero adopts to that automatically when using default settings.
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  • Addition: It is not easily possible to change the language of all product lines at once, as the available language sets are different. Only for languages which are valid in all installed product lines such a global switch could be implemented. As only few users will ever change language, it is probable that it is not worth the effort and complication of GUI.
    • Sorry, I am not satisfied with your answer. From my opinion only the administrator has the right for changing language (like with system language). But anyway, this is not the issue.

      Me disturbs the term "suite", this is confusing. Call it "Nero 11 (or 12) based applications" as long as you make such differences, - I don't mind
      Anyway, because free apps or other application, which can separately downloaded and installed, in any case are only run under the respective basic version, there should not be made such a differences. It's a nonsense.

      If you want retain the now current solution, it would be helpful if the applications of the selected "suite" would be shown, e.g. with right mouse click, - and only them, which were actually installed.

      Forward this proposal to the Development Department for opinion.

      I expect a comment from this people !
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