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I’m frustrated

Changing email address associated with my purchase of Nero 2015 in Nero's records & newsletter

I've been trying to update my email address for newsletters etc as my ISP is closing their email service down. I can update the email address thru the website and then get an email saying "You just changed you email address in the Nero newsletter profile. In order to use this email for further newsletter mailings we ask you to" ... "follow this link ...".
This takes me straight back to the page to unsubscribe or change my email address. Filling in the change of address again just generates that same email. Thus I'm put in a loop so stopped after a few attempts (even when spaced days apart) <>
My question is ... how can one change your email address. I don't want to unsubscribe my old address ... I want to change the email address to another one. Sure, unsubscribe would kill off the old but not add the new one in. I want Nero to know that my purchase under the old address is now associated with my new one.
And I can't find any useful "Contact Us" info on (mutter grrhhh!!).
Thanks for the help.
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