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I’m annoyed.

Continuing Capitalization and cursor movement problems in the Video Module - 3 versions now.

I have 2 licenses each for Nero 17, 16, & 15. Each has the SAME problems in the Video - burn a DVD/Blue Ray. I assumed these problems would be solved by now. First - when you add files to the compilation - they all come in all Lower Case. The files have capital letters - but I have to go in and edit the name of each file if I want it capitalized in the menus. The original files had capitals. Why don't they come across as they are in the original file name? Much earlier versions worked correctly. Second - when I'm trying to capitalize some letters - the curser buttons on the keyboard don't work. I should be able to use the Left & Right buttons on the keyboard to move the cursor. Much earlier versions didn't have this problem. Instead - I have to use the Mouse to pick a new cursor position every time. Both of these problems are ANOYING - and I've upgraded 2 licenses 3 times in hopes you would fix these problems. - Mike Martin
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