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Convert PAL to NTSC video


I've converted PAL mpeg video (720x576) of an episode of a TV show to NTSC mpeg in Nero Video 2019 and in Nero Recode 2019 but it seems not to actually do the conversion as the length in minutes of the output NTSC video is still the same as the input PAL video, i.e. 46 minutes, whereas the NTSC episode of the TV show that I have from the DVD is 49 minutes (I used the free MakeMKV). I have some episodes where I don't have the NTSC DVD of the episodes, only the PAL version.

Also, I can still hear the 4% PAL audio speed up in the output NTSC video during playback in Nero MediaHome, Windows TV&Film app and in PowerDVD. The output NTSC mpeg video is 720x480 and the frame rate is 29.97, which is correct.

Do Nero Video and Nero Recode do real PAL to NTSC conversion ?

Thank you.
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