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Copy video/audio streams with no conversion

Sometimes I do not need to convert from one format to another but instead change the container format. e.g. change the container from MKV to MP4, or from WTV to MPEG2 without conversion taking place. This is similar to the 'Smart Encoding' in Nero Video. But when say importing a MKV file into Nero Video and clicking on 'Export', there is no 'Smart Encoding' option and no option to copy the video and audio streams to the MP4 format - you have to convert the MKV to MP4. But it is much quicker to simply copy the video/audio streams without any conversion.

Even in Nero Recode there is no option to change the container format by simply copying the video/audio streams.

For this purpose I have to use the freeware XMedia Recode and select 'Copy' in the Video and Audio tabs.

I hope this feature of copying video/audio streams (so no conversion or encoding is necessary) can be added to Nero Video and Nero Recode.

Thank you.
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