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Creating an SD Blu-Ray: can it be done and what running times could be accomplished?

I was wondering if Nero Video was capable of creating SD blu-rays and what range of running times could be accomplished putting SD video on a 25gb single-layer blu-ray disc? I'm looking to create an extra-long SD video program that I could play on a blu-ray player. Can I easily use DVD-sourced files to create an SD blu-ray? Thanks!
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    Hi Luke-

    From what I can find, SD is standard definition (probably 720x.. or less resolution) which sometimes has HD audio.

    Nero can certainly burn a Blu-ray disc with standard definition but you're limited to the audio formats provided. For instance, you can't burn a video with DTS audio.

    I don't know how many hours of video you can burn to a 25 GB disc. I would guess that it would be at around 8 hours. You might be able to get more using the Fit to Disc option.

    Note that Nero won't be able to burn copy protected video if you're trying to rip copy protected DVDs.
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