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Creating and editing video files, mass producing copies for mass marketing and copy protecting them

Dear Nero team,

I am an English language trainer and my endeavour is to create listening material for students. I have video clips which I need to edit and compile into one video file. Later, I need to mass produce copies on DVDs for mass marketing.

Hence, I also need to copy protect the DVDs in order to prevent copying. Is your Nero software able to help in the copy protection/watermarking as well?

If copy protecting is possible with your Nero software, I am uncertain about the stage at which I need to apply the copy protecting. Do I need to apply the copy protecting (1) when creating and editing the original video file, or (2) after creation of the video file and when I mass produce the copies on DVDs?

Is there a limit to the number of original video files and copies I can make? Once purchased, will it be a permanent purchase? Or is it renewable periodically?

I also need to use the Sinhalese alphabet/script (of Sri Lanka) in the video files to create titles and other graphics. Can I do that?

I want to learn how to use the software. Do you have tutorials which I could view and/or download for learning offline?

What are the applications I would need for my requirements?

I look forward to a response from you soon.

Leo Gunasinghe
Mobile: +94-78-4632567, +94-77-9894445
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    Nero Video will allow you to edit your video files to create a project and then either export it to a video file, burn the project to your hard drive in a disc project structure or burn it directly to disc.

    You would need to install the Sinhalese codec into Windows in order to select the language in Nero Video for the purpose of creating text effects. Note that Nero cannot add subtitles.

    If you burn the project to the desired disc type project (DVD-Video, Blu-ray, AVCHD-DVD, etc.) either to disc or your hard drive, you can use either Nero Express or Nero Burning Rom to make as many copies as you wish.

    Nero doesn't have the ability to copy protect media.
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