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Creating CD with custom Mac OS X Volume Icon

In Nero Burning ROM 2014, is it possible to create a CD that has a custom Mac OS X volume icon?
I have tried various mastering attempts but none of them seem to work--the CD always shows up with the generic CD icon.
Instructions online suggest that you need to put a file in the root of the volume called ".VolumeIcon.icns", with an icns file. My icns file is formatted correctly. However, it looks like Mac OS X (10.6) is not reading the icon. It reads the icon fine from hard disk volumes and USB/SD card volumes (formatted with HFS/HFS+ or FAT).

On the CD front, I tried UDF, ISO (1999--supporting long file names), and ISO+Joliet formats in Nero--nothing works.
When I tried to create a CD from Mac OS X itself, I only got the custom volume icon to stick if the disc was burned as UDF or as HFS/HFS+. It may be the case that there are some "custom" resources in the UDF format, so Mac OS X could be looking there instead of the simple file ".VolumeIcon.icns". I am not sure.

Has anyone gotten it to work with Nero?
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