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I’m frustrated

Define "Burn"

Using Nero 2014 - the term "burn" - please define. From what I can see in the tutorials provided, burn means copying data to a disc.

I need to author a video on a DVD so that a video it is playable in a DVD player. After looking over the tutorials, I am unable to fine any assistance for what I need to do - can you assist? Thanks :)
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  • Hi cathy-

    Burn just means transferring something to a disc.

    If you don't want to do any major editing, open Nero Video and select DVD, DVD-Video. Import your file and add chapters, if desired. Click on Next. In the menu editing screen either use the default menu, customize a menu or choose not to use a menu. Click on Next twice. In the burn screen, select burn to and select the drive with the disc in it. Burn. Done.
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