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Descriptive Video Service

So far two new DVDs I purchased have English with Descriptive Video Service. The problem is when I try to convert them to mp4 to play on my IPAD this Descriptive service is copied also. It is a voice describing all the scenes. I tried selecting and deselecting different audio combinations with no luck. Does anyone know how to remove this?
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  • You could try importing them into Nero Video, Make Advanced Movie. Drag them to the timeline. Right click on them on the timeline and select "unlink audio from Video". It's possible that the DVS will show separately from the regular audio. If not, try deleting the audio. If that also removes the video audio, you should undo and then export the audio to file. You can open the file in SoundTrax and try to remove the DVS while leaving the other audio there. If you can, then select Files, save to audio file. You can then import that back into Nero Video.
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