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Disc to device gracenote problem Nero Platinum 2019 - MONEY WENT TO TRASH.

I started having a problem with Nero 2016 Classic as I could no longer rip from disc to device as I had done for years. It seems that starting one day, the program was trying to access to a thing called Gracenote database, but it contraty to the past, it started became stagnant and did nothing.

After trying to find a solution, I decided it was time to maybe update and acquired Nero Platinum 2019 and spent 64 Euros. Soooo. after having installed it, I ran the Disc to Device once again.. and to my surprise, the same damn routine appeared and it is stagnant again. NO SOLUTION.

Nero should either give my money back, or provide a solution rightaway!!!!
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  • Hello Pablo-

    Gracenote has been the on-line music database for Nero since v9.

    What happened when it tried to access GraceNote? Were you connected to the internet?

    Open Burning Rom and select Cancel. Click on File\Options. In the Database tab, disable GraceNote. Try D2D. Do you still get the problem?
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  • Hi Wither.

    Thanks for taking your time to comment.

    1) Yes, I was connected to the internet. I tested several times for several days
    2) I have been using Nero disc to device for years and have had no problems. All this time Gracenote worked just fine until just some weeks ago. The thing just became stalled and even started crashing on occasions. That’s when I decided to upgrade, given that I was not able to locate the configuration, options or databse settings nowhere within Nero. And I looked for hours.
    3) Now that I upgraded, the same exact window for Disc to Device appears. No dísable database option is to be found anywhere.

    Where would the File\options you mention is to be found? I browsed for hours!

    Thanks again!
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  • Screen shots of what I asked you to select to get to Database-

    I assume you know how to get to Burning Rom.

    Can you get to this web page-

    Just asking since you said it wouldn't connect.

    By the way, you can get a refund for v2019.
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