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Do you have a trial version that I can compare. I presently use RealPlayer of which I am not quite satisfied.

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  • The equivalent to RealPlayer in Nero is Nero MediaHome for everything other than blu-ray. Blu-ray is handled by the Nero blu-ray player.

    You can get the free Nero MediaHome here-

    There's no free Nero Blu-ray player.

    There's also a trial version of the Nero 2014 here-

    I know that you can't do any mpeg-4, .mts or .m2ts authoring in any of the free versions but I'm not sure about playback. At one site, it says that AVCHD authoring and playback as well as mpeg-4 and blu-ray are not supported in the free versions. It's been a long time since I've had a trial version but I thought you could playback mpeg-4.
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