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Does Nero Burning Rom copy store bought movie dvd's? Does it come on a disc?

I am an old computer programmer/operator. I believe in having a backup of my data. That is why I want to be able to copy dvds and have the Nero Burning Rom on a disc.
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  • Hi Stanley-

    Burning Rom (and Nero Express) will copy discs which are not copy protected. I think that most store bought discs would be copy protected.

    I don't know where you can buy it on a disc. Nero sells it as a download. All the advertisement on the web shows a boxed version but, all the ones I looked at are downloads. The downloads are usually the stub installer which, when run, accesses the latest version from a Nero website. It may be available as a boxed version at the big box stores such as Best Buy, Office Max, etc.

    You can ask Customer Service about it by go here-

    and submitting the contact form.

    There's also a version of Burning Rom called Nero Burn Express 4 (which is really Nero Express) which is available at retail stores.
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