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Does the Burning Rom software export to DDP files yet?

I've been using Nero Burning ROM for years to author CDs for my clients and I assumed it was the most professional program for the job as all the others I tried didn't do things like being able to add ISRC numbers etc.

However, today I had a client with a rush job and I needed to make a CD image file to send digitally as there wasn't time to post a CD. I've now been told by the duplication company that they can't read an NRA file and that the industry standard format is a DDP file. They recommended that I get a copy of Sonoris instead, as all the duplicating companies use it. But I would rather stick with Nero if I can. I am using version 11 and I am wondering if the 2017 version now has this function of exporting as a DDP file? If so, I will upgrade. Otherwise it looks like I might have to start saving up for Sonoris.
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  • Doing a little research, the DDP is a format for identifying the contents of a disc, be it CD or DVD. To my knowledge, a Burning Rom image of a disc is a .nrg file. Did you misspeak when you said .nra file? You can make an image of a disc in ISO format that the duplicating company could use but that's only from a data disc. Of course, you need to have a disc first. Sort of a catch 22. I don't know what kind of compilation you have.

    None of the Nero versions can create a DDP. You can burn multiple copies of a compilation in Nero Express or Burning Rom but I don't know if that would help you.

    I also don't know if burning an ISO disc would help you. I'm not sure if you could copy the resulting ISO file to your hard drive using Windows.

    You could ask tech support about the best way to use Nero for what you want to do. Since they don't work weekends, you would have to wait until next week for an answer.
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