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I’m frustrated

Does Incremental backup work in this version, or is it still broken and only do full backups?

Does Incremental backup work in this version, because it doesnt in V10 and I don't want to pay for an upgrade if incremental still does not work.
I contacted support about this when I first got V10, and set up my regular backups as they recommened but have never managed to fix the problem.
Incremental should only backup changed or new files, using the archive bit of each file to determine if they are new or changed. Once it backs it up, it should clear the archive bit, and on the next incremental backup, that file does not need to be backed up.
After completing a full backup to a seperate hard drive, I ensured there was 50GB free for the next incremental backup - plenty of space for any files I've changed or added, but sure enough, V10 continues to try to back up every file every time it runs, with the result that my backup drive runs out of space.
You can see the proof of the problem in this photo:

Does this now work correctly in the latest version on Windows 7 64 bit ?
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