Downloading Nero from MS7.0 to 8.1

I have just switched from MS 7 to 8.1 and can't download my Nero8 Ultra or update disc. Should I just go to the most recent or is there a way to download my present program to 8.1???
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    Hi Roger, Nero 12 and above are officially supported for WIndows 8 / 8.1

    Nero 8 is getting a bit old now and is no longer officially supported by Nero.

    You could attempt to run the installer in "compatibility mode" ? but it probably will not work properly.

    Nero 2015 is currently the latest version, but I think Nero 2016 will be due out sometime soon?

    I'm not sure if there will be a free upgrade to 2016 offered to anyone who installs 2015 at the moment.
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