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DVD has 'artifacts'

Hello everyone. Perhaps this has been discussed before but here it goes. The version of Nero I own is Nero 11. I have used it countless times the last few years with little to no problems as far as burning DVDs. However recently I've been burning some DVDs and 'artifacts' have been appearing in the finished DVD that weren't in the original source video. Little squares and blocks that blink for a second or so and disappear. I've burnt many DVDs with Nero previously and have never had this issue. If you want the specifics, I'm doing all this on an Acer Aspire One AOD270 10.1 laptop, a Samsung USB CD/DVD drive (the laptop doesnt have a built in drive unfortunately), and blank Sony DVD-R's. The video files I've been burning are mpeg. I'm pretty sure this is a media error that occurs in writing the DVD. The DVD's themselves play fine and the image doenst freeze or anything when the 'specks' appear but its still odd. I dont think its the DVDs or the drive because I've burnt some of the DVDs more than once and same results each time and also last night I burnt a DVD with a different program and the 'specks' were gone. However, Nero is my preferred program so any suggestions?????
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