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I created a Nero 2014 14 DVD video project, with a menu for chapters in the beginning, is there a way to drop the menu and convert the project to a thumb drive playable MPEG. For that matter does the suite offer me the capability of pulling projects off of previously created disks and saving as an MPEG?
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  • You can do this in Nero Recode.
    Just copy the the VOB files into Recode, tick (check) "Combine videos into one file", if that is what you want, choose the quality you want on the slider, put in a destination and if you want, you can change certain parameters in Edit Settings. Click on OK and then "Start Encoding"
    • The files should already be mpeg-2 but he should select it or mpeg-4 before recoding.

      The problem he's going to have is making the thumb drive playable like a DVD. The only option is to select AVCHD, Memory Stick in Nero Video. However, this will probably only be playable in a Blu-ray player. I'm not sure so he'll have to give it a go. Note that he can import the titles from his disc directly into Nero Video after he has selected the settings he mentioned.
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